7 Signs of a Tragic Night Out

Nights out are for letting off steam and having a great time. So why wake up full of regret? If any of these sound like your typical night, it could be time to rethink your Saturday night and cut down the booze.

Predrinks consists of necking drinks nobody likes

You’ve got half an hour until the taxi comes so you down drinks to avoid forking out for them at the club – that’s if you even make it out. Everyone’s focus is on drinking instead of having fun and there’s always that person who goes too far.


The club is dead as a dodo

Yeah, you’ve got more room to dance, but what’s a club without other people to dance with?


Your friends abandon you. And there’s no hope of finding them

Maybe they’ve pulled a 10, maybe they’re busy throwing up in the toilets. Either way, you won’t know until you’ve escaped the avalanche of drunkards blocking your path. Not ideal.


You’re pressured to drink shots you hate

Generally, shots are gross – everybody knows that. Plus they have disastrous consequences for your ability to remember anything the next day. You’ll wake up feeling like death and you didn’t even enjoy your night.


Your friend starts being weird in public

Normally talking to strangers is a bit awkward and weird. But with a bit of booze inside them, your mate will be spilling their life story like they’re chatting to Piers Morgan. Cringe.


Trying not be sick in the taxi home (and failing)

It doesn’t work. Those shots we mentioned? They now decorate the back seats. And yes, you have to fork out £50 for it.


Hating yourself the morning after

You’ll remember the events of the night before for years to come – and for all the wrong reasons. Every regretful decision you made haunts you, especially when you have to relive them repeatedly through your friends’ Insta story. Plus your head hurts. It really, really hurts.

Are your nights out more tragic than magic? If you always wake up regretting the night before then it could be a sign you’re taking drinking too far.

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