The ‘No Regrets’ Promise for 2024

Before we usher into this New Year with a new vision and a new hope, let’s take a moment to reflect on how successful we were in keeping the resolutions we made in 2023.


Here are precisely the questions you could ask yourself right now (if ‘drinking less’ was your motto for last year):

  1. Did I set new habits to keep myself healthy and balanced?
  2. Did I keep a tab on my alcohol consumption?
  3. Did I make an effort to engage in activities that keep me away from booze?
  4. Did I find any refreshing substitutes for alcoholic drinks?

And lastly…

  1. Did I make any drinking choices that I didn’t regret?


Well, if ‘Yes’ was the answer to most of these questions, you should be celebrating yourself for staying committed throughout the last 365 days, and continue to keep your head in the game.


However, if ‘drinker’s remorse’, foggy night-outs, and uninvited hangovers kept occurring time and again – no matter how hard you tried to avoid them, then you’d definitely like to have a look at our list of tips and hacks that are guaranteed to help.


Before that, a quick fun fact: 80% of New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by February, while 46% of adults still stick to their resolutions after 6 months.


If you’d like to stick to yours, take a quick glance at the new habits you can pick up in the new year.


  1. If anything, be REALISTIC!

Rather than making vague or exaggerated goals like “It’s final, I’m cutting down forever!”, set specific goals like limiting your alcohol consumption to one drink at pres. Remember, it takes a while to build good habits.


  1. Find Sober Alternatives

Check out our social pages and find our reels of alcohol-free mocktail recipes which we swear you’ll love. They can be made at home, in just under 15 minutes, and with minimal ingredients. But if you’re not the crafty one, worry not – there are plenty of alcohol-free alternatives you can order online or buy from your nearest store – come on, give it a try or (five)!


  1. Take your drinking SERIOUSLY!

Take some time and understand its impact on your health. Spot your triggers. Get aware. And then, implement the ways to stay in control.


  1. Build your support system

One of the best things you can do is share your resolution with your friends and family who will support your decision to cut down. Doing that will help you to stay on track, especially during moments of temptation.


  1. You DO You

Let’s admit it – at times we do feel like we’re being pressured into drinking. Try to remember that friend, aunt, or colleague, who says no to things without worrying what others might think. Use this tactic to keep away from any regrets.


With simple tactics like these, you can confidently stride into a year filled with positive choices and a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. And as you embark on this new journey, remember we are with you every step of the way.


Let’s welcome a balanced 2024 together!

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