How to Survive a Festival

Heading to Leeds Fest this year? Whether it’s your first time in a field or you’re a seasoned festival goer, knowing what to do (and what not to) can make or break your weekend. Here are some tips on how to make it one to remember.

Pack wisely

Packing enough alcohol to sink a small ship might seem like a great idea at the time, but you’ll no doubt regret the decision when you realise how far you have to carry it. Pack wisely and remember the essentials: a portable charger, anti bac, dry shampoo, a water bottle, factor 30. Not forgetting snacks for the weekend and a money belt or bum bag for your cash and phone. Your future self is guaranteed to thank you for switching that extra bottle of vodka for Berocca and a loo roll.

Stick together

Ah, the classic festival dilemma. Some of your group are desperate to stick to the main stage all weekend, whereas the other half are keen to explore. To play it safe, stick together. But, if you can’t find a plan that suits all, make sure your phone’s got juice (hello handy portable charger you packed earlier) and decide on a meeting point before you part ways. You can’t always bank on having signal and there’s nothing worse than getting lost and wandering around on your own.

Dodge a hangover

Hangovers in tents are the worst – fact. If you’re starting early, opt for a drink with a lower percentage of alcohol (think lager, cider, VKs) and go from there. That way you’ll avoid peaking too early and landing that unwelcome midday hangover. You don’t want to miss your favourite band because you took it too far…

Speaking of festival stamina, it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re standing in a sunny field for three days. Sipping water between drinks will help you keep a clear head and party for longer. Plus, that way you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to do it all over again.

Beware of beer goggles

Alcohol and other drugs can seriously cloud your judgement. In any other situation you wouldn’t dream of going there with an unwashed stranger, but after a few drinks you’re more than happy to get jiggy with Steve the ‘part time DJ’. Avoid morning regret by listening to your gut and stick with your friends instead. If your inhibitions do win, make a point of letting your friends know where you’re going and who you’re going with.

Don’t mix

Mixing substances is never a good idea, as it increases the risk of something going wrong. Whether it’s different drinks, alcohol with drugs or drugs with other drugs – whatever combination, they’re all a recipe for disaster.

Giving drugs a miss is always the smartest decision but if you do decide you want a high, make sure you get clued up before you take anything. For more info on drugs, click here.

Keep an eye on your drink

Sadly, even if you’ve decided against drugs, there’s still a chance someone could drop something in your drink without you realising. Never leave your drink unattended or accept one from a stranger. If you can, put your hand over your pint when you’re moving through crowds.

If you sense trouble…

If you notice someone throwing up or passed out, put them on their side and alert security asap so they can help.

If you start to feel weird or unwell yourself, tell your friends and head straight to the medical or welfare teams for help. If you’ve taken something, always be honest about what and how much – the staff aren’t there to judge but knowing the full story will help them treat you.

Will you keep these in mind next time you head to a festival?

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