Have a Night Out with No Regrets: Sophie’s Advice

20 year old Sophie shares her advice on how to have a great night out without going overboard.

There’s nothing worse than waking up the next day and regretting everything that happened the night before. Lots of people have a great night without drinking, but if you do decide to, here’s my advice on how to enjoy yourself without having those mortifying flashbacks the next day.

1.Eat, eat, eat!

Eating is something I particularly enjoy so I don’t find this step too hard to follow! The best nights I’ve had are the ones where I’ve eaten a decent meal before heading out. Plus, you’ll feel better the next day too. Cook something carby with your mates and make sure you don’t skimp because you want to save money on buying drinks – it’ll end up working against you, trust me. My top tip is to make a big portion of pasta and half it so that I have something easy to eat when I get home, without forking out for a takeaway. Win, win!

2. Listen to the voice in your head

That little voice questioning if you need that third shot of vodka your friend just gave you? Listen to it. Learning to pace yourself and slow down when you need to will help you enjoy your night so much more. Plus it means you won’t have to be ‘the mess’ your friends put in a taxi home at 10pm.

3. If you don’t want to – don’t!

This applies to all aspects of a night out – drink on your terms. You’ll have way more fun if you can relax when you’re out, without feeling the pressure to do what your friends are doing. Learning to say no is a great feeling, and your body, bank account and liver will definitely thank you for it!

Worried you or a friend is taking drinking too far? We can help. Just visit our support section to find out how.

Will you be taking this advice onboard next time you’re heading out?

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