Single this Valentine’s? Don’t Drown your Sorrows! Try these Ideas Instead…

Good food heals the soul!

I’m not ashamed to admit a Tesco 3-courser is my Valentine’s sorted (sad? No way!) Make yourself feel special with your favourite take-away or home-cooking.

Indulge in some self-care

A luxurious shower, face mask and scented candle doesn’t have to be reserved for the girls! Calling all single boys out there: treat yo’self!

Go for a mindful walk

The mornings are getting lighter, the evenings are drawing out and crocuses are popping up everywhere (proof from my camera roll above). Take a moment to appreciate the better and brighter days to come.

Sweat your tears away

Exercise is proven to improve mood and release sadness-fighting hormones so you really CAN sweat your tears away! Get yourself to the gym, go for a run or try something new!

Get together with friends or family

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about celebrating romantic love, it can also be the perfect opportunity to recognise all the wonderful people already in your life! Spread the love by getting together with friends and family-who needs a date?!

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