7 Ways to Save Without Skimping this Summer

Spending cash at the rate of a wealthy Wall Street broker? Lost count of how many times you’ve asked yourself, “Why am I so poor?”? Well you’re in luck! Here are 7 ways to save without skimping this summer.

Eat at home

It’s summer, the sun is shining, and the beer garden is calling your name, so it’s easy to be tempted into a full day out. Sounds great in theory, but in reality, that means three whole meals to fork out for – plus, let’s face it, a load of drinks too. Save your cash by opting to eat at home and head out later or invite your friends over for food at your place.

Switch contactless for cash

Contactless might be convenient, but it’s also the devil. We all do it – you have a few drinks and all of the sudden you get tap happy, paying for things left, right and centre (because using your card isn’t real money right?). How we wish that was true. Swinging by an ATM before you head out and leaving you card at home is a great way of setting yourself a budget and keeping track of what you’re spending.

Think about your drink – and avoid rounds!

If you’re planning on drinking, choose your tipple wisely. Cocktails are overpriced, pitchers are mostly ice and rounds are seriously damaging to your bank account; it can be easy to get roped in, but that often leaves you paying for your friends’ drinks even when you’ve had enough. If you’re going for a spirit, swap your usual double for a single measure and only pay for yourself. This way, you’re taking control of what you’re spending (and drinking) and can easily duck out when it’s time to head home.

Drink more water

Water is your friend, particularly if you’re out in the summer sun. Anywhere that serves alcohol is legally obliged to give you tap water. In fact, a lot of bars in Leeds have a jug on the side so you can help yourself. Water not only helps you sober up if you’ve had too many but also fills your stomach, leaving less room for pricey drinks. And the best part? It’s free.

Try a free activity

From free gigs, to a scenic picnic in the park, there are tonnes of free things to do in Leeds – especially during the summer months. Why not switch your usual weekend plans for something a little different and save your cash while you’re at it?

Split the Uber

The taxi ride home is a night out expense that’s often overlooked. When it’s time to leave, avoid being out of pocket by arranging to get a taxi back with friends. This way you can split the cost* and make sure everyone gets home safe.

*Please note: A lot of taxi apps have a split fare function, so you can easily avoid the classic “I’ll buy you a drink next time” crap.

Know when to call it a day (or night)

Whether it’s a day trip, casual drinks with friends or a full blown night out, knowing when to leave is a skill, but once mastered it can help you save a heck of a lot of cash. When things start to wind down, use this as your cue to leave, not buy another round. You’re bank account and future self will thank you for it.


Will you be trying these tips to help you save cash this summer?

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