No Regrets Just Reviews, Part 1

Sober Girl Society Handbook, By Millie Gooch

Reviewed by Georgia

Sober Girl Society is a great read for anyone who is interested in drinking less but is unsure of how to navigate life with less alcohol. In her book, Millie talks about how alcohol has become central to our everyday lives, and how it started to ruin hers.


Millie’s experiences with alcohol related to me on every level, and I think her stories will relate to the majority of young people today. I enjoyed this handbook so much because it highlights the social and cultural expectations to drink alcohol and gives you advice on how you can navigate an alcohol-free world, or a world with a little less alcohol. I’ve wanted to quit drinking for a while due to my own negative experiences, but I was so worried that my friends would see me as ‘odd’, and I didn’t want to be left out on nights out. Since reading this book, I have been able to go on nights out completely sober, and have an even better time. I no longer bow down to society’s expectations, thanks to this empowering handbook.


Throughout the book Millie shares her experiences, tips, advice and interesting information about the alcohol industry. I have read a few quit-lit books where I’ve felt like there was a finger pointing at me, making me feel guilty for my past actions, but the Sober Girl Society is far from this kind of book. Millie writes in such a light-hearted, sympathetic and friendly way, and it honestly feels like you’re speaking to a friend.


This book changed my relationship with alcohol for good, so I would recommend it to anyone who has had negative experiences with alcohol. Even if you’re not interested in becoming sober or drinking less, it’s such an interesting and funny read, and it really opened up my eyes to the drinking culture.


Did you enjoy this book?

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