Sun, Sex and a Night with No Regrets: Your Guide to an Unforgettable Lads Holiday

Heading on a lads holiday this month? Follow these tips and return regret-free.

Don’t get pissed on the plane

Normally you’d never be able to stomach a pint at 7am but you force yourself to order one at the airport because “we’re on holiday”. If this sounds familiar do yourself a favour and leave it at one – you don’t want to rack up regrets before you’ve even landed. Being drunk on a flight is illegal and could result in a two-year jail sentence – yep, you read right. Plus do you really want to be the most hated people on the plane? 

Drink! (and not just booze)

With the music blasting and countless drinks free-flowing from the poolside bar it can be easy to lose track of time – but being out in the blazing sun all day can seriously affect your health. Hot weather causes dehydration anyway, but add alcohol to the mix and you’ve got a pretty nasty combination. 

Avoid sunstroke by alternating your alcohol for water or other soft drinks and switch up the sunbed for a shady patch when you can. 

Safety in numbers

It’s easy to lose your bearings in a new place when you’re sober, let alone after a few pints. Stick together when you’re out and make sure you’ve got a meeting point or a way of contacting your mates if you do notice someone’s missing. There’s nothing worse than spending the whole time scanning the crowds instead of enjoying your night.

Free pouring

You might know your limits at home but that won’t necessarily apply when you’re away. Foreign bars and clubs tend to free-pour spirits so one drink abroad could feel like three from your local. Pace yourself properly to avoid writing off the next day.

Dodgy alcohol 

Counterfeit alcohol is also more common abroad, particularly in Asia. This is fake alcohol that has been produced illegally which usually means it’s been cut with loads of other substances such as nail varnish remover and cleaning products – lovely stuff. It goes without saying, but drinking dodgy booze is really dangerous and can cause issues like dizziness, liver problems and even blindness to name a few! 

If you’re planning on drinking, make sure you buy your booze from legit bars and shops and remember, if the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

An unwanted souvenir

It might seem like a great idea after a few pints, but is being dubbed ‘an absolute lad’ worth the shame (and excruciating itchiness) of catching an STI? We doubt it. Battle your beer goggles, but if you do decide to go there, be smart and wrap it up. 

Think of future you

Whether it’s going home with that shot girl, ordering another fish bowl or getting ‘IBIZA 2K19’ tattooed on your arse, remember that just because you made that decision abroad doesn’t mean it won’t come back to haunt you. Think of future you and head home regret-free.

Will you look out for the lads this holiday?


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