How to Survive a Bottomless Brunch

What’s that? 17°C and patchy sun? Sounds like the era of the brunch is back!

With so many options across the city, and so much potential for a blurry disaster, here are some tips to aid your survival
(who knows, you may even remember it this time)

  • “Brunch” is a lie!

    It’s not really a brunch at all – most places allow you to book your start time up until 3pm. So book a bit later, line your stomach with a hearty breakfast and you’re good to go

  • …But the brunch part is still important

    Browse the menus and read some reviews before you book. Some places try to get away with serving a small plate as your main. Don’t get ripped off – if you’re paying £30 you may as well get a decent meal out of it.

  • Quality over quantity

    This goes for drink too – choose somewhere that’s serving quality beverages rather than cheap booze. The quality of the drink can actually have quite a big impact on how it makes you feel. And – you guessed it – the cheaper it is, the worse the outcome. You could even go “dry” and have some delicious mocktails instead!

  • Catch some shade

    Sitting in the sun may seem like a bright idea (and is great for a pic or two), but unlimited drinks in the sun for 2 hours is a recipe for disaster. If half your table are in the sun, rotate seats every now and then.

  • Water for the table

    Mums have been trying to tell us for years: have a glass of water in between every drink. Hydration is the key to success – get a pitcher for the table. This way you’ll actually have fun, and not end up in a taxi home with a headache at 5pm.

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