How to #FeelFine in Lockdown Without Drinking

Lockdown is tough and it’s only made tougher by the hangover the day after the night before. But you don’t have to spend your nights drinking with mates over Zoom or stuck in the house drinking out of boredom. Why not try out some new things to pass the time and have you feeling fine?


Keep up to date with Tik Tok

Whether it’s a sea shanty or the Junebug challenge, Tik Tok has plenty of videos to watch and challenges to join in on

Up cycle your old clothes

The shops are closed and you’re fed up of couriers leaving your parcels in your bin. Why not raid your wardrobe for the clothes you haven’t worn in a while and show off your masterpieces on Instagram.

Learn to play an instrument

Always wanted to play guitar but been putting it off? Now is as good a time as any to take on that challenge.

Host your own Come Dine With Me/ Bake Off challenge

Lockdown and drinking less may be hard but don’t let it stop you from indulging in the finest food and desserts. Why not get your housemates involved and enjoy the 3 course meals?

Brush the dust off of some old games

They may not have been used since you were ten but board games can be a fun way to pass time and be sociable. Failing the board games whip out Cards Against Humanity. There’s even an online version to play with the pals you can’t meet right now.

Create a wanderlust Pinterest board

We can’t travel yet but one day you can tick off some countries from your ultimate travel goals. No harm in daydreaming.

Get Moving

You may need yoga to distress or you may want to take up running to get out of the house. Whatever it is, get moving and feel them endorphins.

Have a House Series Night

Select a night and take it in turns to choose which series to watch as a house. Whether it’s Brooklyn 999, Superstore or the latest murder documentary.


And Relax

Now’s your chance to finally read that book you’ve been meaning to, get your favourite bath bomb, face mask and relax in the bath.


Let us know what you do to keep occupied in lockdown and don’t forget to tag us @NoRegretsLeeds and include #FeelingFine if you try any of these out.

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