How to drink less and still have fun at a Christmas party

I have to be honest, the name for this blog came to me long before I could think of anything to write! Like most people, drinking is usually how I manage an awful party with no obvious means of escape…

…But as recent experience has taught me, a boring party is boring whether you’ve had 2 drinks or 10. The only difference being that with 10 drinks it manages to ruin Saturday AND Sunday, and I don’t know about you but I resent losing an entire weekend to something that deserved a one-star review on TripAdviser…

Ok…so how can you really have fun at a Christmas party without alcohol?

Here are some ideas…

Learn to dance 💃🏽

You don’t need to be drunk when you’re dancing to your heart’s content


Take control of the playlist 🎵

You can’t dance to a rubbish music, so change it


Bring the conversation

In parties, as in life, sometimes we have to BRING the vibes, so prepare some funny anecdotes and questions to get the conversation going


Pace yourself

Ummm, how do I do that? Go slow, learn your body’s signals for when the drink is catching up with you, alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks, and sneak a glass of water when you can


Take the pressure off

Let’s face it – you win some, you lose some and not every Saturday night will be the best night of your life. Sometimes it’s just nice to get leave the house and be around new people. So shake it off and make the most of tomorrow!


Learn to say byiiiii 👻

Ok. Leaving a party early can be rude. And yes. There is a balance to be had here as some parties just take a minute to warm up. Departing after 20 minutes maybe unfair but, equally, your time is precious, and you owe it to yourself not to waste it so once you’ve given a party a fair shot, LEAVE!

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