Get Festival Ready

With lockdown restrictions FINALLY ending, we’re all super excited to get back to doing the things we love. The No Regrets campaign is here to remind you to enjoy yourself whilst drinking, and to not ruin your next day!

It’s been a while since we’ve all been totally let loose, and let’s face it – we’ve been waiting for this moment for the past year and a half, so we should be making these experiences as enjoyable as possible. Taking it too far with alcohol never ends well, so remembering to live in the moment and be present is vital for an enjoyable night out.


If there was one good thing to come out of lockdown, it’s that it really made me realise there’s more to life than drinking. I’ve learnt that I actually enjoy myself more when I’m not on the verge of being sick or blackout drunk. This somehow wasn’t obvious to me before. It’s been very refreshing to wake up nearly every day feeling fresh for the past year and a half, and not letting a hangover completely write off my week.

Reminder: there’s 7 days in a week, not 5. Remember to enjoy them all!

Festivals, garden and terrace parties are all approaching, and there’s so many happening in Leeds; Leeds Festival, Newsham Park Festival, Mint Terrace Party and The Garden Party Leeds just to name a few. I have a few planned already that I can’t wait for, but my experiences are going to be very different this time around.


I’ve always enjoyed listening to house music at these kind of events, but nearly every time I’ve got myself into a state and not appreciated the music. If you’re paying anything from £50-£250 to go to a music event, you need to get your monies worth and actually appreciate what you’re listening to!


Before an event I’ll usually pick out all the top artists I want to see, but as soon as I get there my plans go to pot and I end up looking back the next day thinking: ‘why didn’t I go see them?’ and ‘what was I actually doing when … was playing?’.


If you’re going to a festival this summer, I’d recommend pacing yourself so that you can enjoy every day – it’s easier said than done, I know. A few years ago when I went to Leeds Fest, there was only one band on my list where I HAD to see them (Kings Of Leon).


The campsite at Leeds Fest opens on the Wednesday, but there’s no live bands on until Friday. After arriving on the Wednesday and setting up our camp, I spent the next two days being somewhat ‘silly’, albeit enjoying myself at the time. I then spent the most of Friday laid in my tent feeling sorry for myself, along with a few of my friends.


That night I missed the only band I was so desperate to see *cries*. We could hear the arena from our tent and it sounded amazing, I genuinely had goosebumps listening to their set and I still hate myself to this day for missing it.


We all deserve to go out and have the best time of our lives after the year we’ve had, but my point is to remain mindful of the consequences of heavy drinking.

Enjoy the moment and pace yourself so that you can enjoy the rest of your week, or festival. Plan accordingly and appreciate listening to your favourite artists!

Are you going to a festival this summer?

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