6 Signs Your Friend is Taking Drinking Too Far

Worried your friend is overdoing it on a night out? If any of this sounds familiar, then it could be time to step in.

They couldn’t care less about their responsibilities

Are they lying in bed for hours after a night out, feeling sorry for themselves and complaining that they’ve done nothing with their day? Are they turning up to work mega late, bailing on plans or skipping yet another gym class?

If so, it sounds like booze is taking priority over the important things in life. Try making alcohol-free plans that they can’t get out of and encourage them to take it easy the night before.

They go from 0-100 reeeeal quick

 Whenever you go out they’re determined to drink as much as they can, as fast as they can. They’re known for always being the one who’s on a ‘different level’ to everyone else, but that doesn’t stop them from ordering that third round of shots (that nobody actually wants!)

If their pace is a problem, discourage them from getting that extra drink and order them some water to sip instead.

They drink to ‘escape’

You dread that “I’ve had a bad day at work, let’s get smashed” text – Sam’s beginning to sound like a broken record and your suggestion that drinking isn’t the answer seems increasingly lost in translation.

If this rings a bell, why not invite your pal over for platonic Netflix and chill, order a takeaway in or meet for coffee and cake to chat things through.

The night always ends badly

It’s like you’ve got déjà vu. You spend half your night in the club toilets holding your friend’s hair back whilst they throw up and the other half trying to keep them upright. At first, it was a laugh dragging them out of the taxi to avoid the hefty cleaning fee, but now it’s a standard end to the night.

Encourage them to eat properly before you drink and head home together if you notice them getting out of control.

They’re worrying you

 You know where the night’s heading before it’s even begun. It’s no longer just a one-off, and you forget what it’s like to have a few drinks without thinking, “I never want to end up like they did last night”.

Their memory’s patchy

The morning after the night before. It’s finally time to relive last night’s events. But it turns out your friend blacked out. They can’t remember anything, not even you carrying them to bed at 4 am.

If you’re worried about your friend’s drinking habits, visit our support section to find out how to help.

Will you avoid being that friend next time you’re out?


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