5 Drinks Everyone Pretends to Like

You’re in a bar and next thing you know you’re holding a drink you don’t even like. But hey it’s free, right? Wrong…

  1. Jagerbombs

Your friend is smashed and has just bought the rounds, low and behold they hand you a Jagerbomb. You find yourself necking this foul combo to a feeling of instant regret. Next time they offer you this, do yourself a favour and chuck it over your shoulder.

  1. Apple Sours

Whether it’s in a cocktail or a shot, sours have never tasted good. Save yourself a morning hugging the toilet and just say no.

  1. Tequila

A strong contender for the worst shot a friend can suggest – tequila. Your hope for a nicer spirit gets lost in translation and suddenly your biting down on a piece of lime wondering where it all went wrong.

  1. Whisky

The smell itself is enough to make you want to hurl, why do people think JD and coke is a good combination?

  1. Sambuca

The devil takes form in the shape of a sambuca shot, so how did you end up doing three?


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Will you lay off the shots in favour of a night you’ll actually remember?


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