Your Night Out Confessions: January

We asked 18-25 year olds in Leeds to share their regretful night out stories. Here’s a few from this month…

Jelly shots

I made jelly shots for my birthday – no one else liked them so I had them all myself before we went out. I was far too drunk and ended up falling under a table on Call Lane, throwing up on my friend’s feet, and was put in a taxi home before midnight. – Anonymous Female, 22.

Tone deaf

I once got really drunk and uploaded multiple videos of myself singing (awfully) on Instagram. Over 300 people saw them, including my mum, and I still shudder thinking about it. – Anonymous Male, 19.

Loo snooze

I got so drunk I once fell asleep on the toilet in a club, only to be woken up by a panicked cleaner and my friends. I’ll never live it down. – Alex, 23.

Sickly shoes

I threw up all over my friend’s shoes after one too many drinks – he wouldn’t speak to me for about a week. – Anonymous Male, 25.

Mixing disaster

I was predrinking with my friends before going out and one of them thought it would be funny to pour gin into the wine I was drinking. I decided to drink it anyway (a really, really bad idea) and spent the rest of the night puking at home whilst the others went out. Although, I didn’t make it to the loo in time…instead I threw up in the sink and spent hours cleaning it the next day. It was without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing nights of my life and my friends will never let me forget it. – Anonymous Female, 23.

Got a booze-fueled horror story to tell? Share yours here.

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