Career or Beer: Is Drinking Stopping you from Landing your Dream Job?

Worried your drunken antics are messing up life for future you? If any of these sound familiar, you might want to take a look at your life.

Your appearance leaves a lot to be desired

You crawl into work looking far from human and receive some questionable looks from your colleagues. No one is going to take you seriously with that Players stamp on your hand.

You struggle to concentrate

Fried chicken, a litre of Fanta or lying in a cold, dark room – whatever you’re thinking, work couldn’t be further from your mind. If that important meeting has you feeling more queasy than breezy, then it sounds like it’s time to cut down the booze.

Incriminating evidence is EVERYWHERE

You might think what happens in the club, stays in the club – but you couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to Facebook, your boss sees you strawpedo a bottle of wine and you know how that’s bound to end…

You spend all your cash in clubs

You’re strapped for cash at the end of the month so find yourself bailing on work trips, networking events or socials – missing out on the chance to get yourself out there.

Productivity is at rock bottom

You’ve got applications to fill in and your CV to write, yet you find yourself wasting weekend after weekend nursing a killer hangover.

Does this sound like you? Take a look at our support section for help and advice.

Has this encouraged you to ease off the drinking and focus on work?

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