Booze you Lose! 5 Better Ways to Spend your Cash

We all know that feeling of looking at your bank statement the day after a big night out and wanting to curl up into a ball forever. All that money on disgusting shots was deffo not worth it! So here are five better ways to spend your cash…

  1. Have a cosy night in

Having a night in with your pals and a takeaway is a great way to hang out, without breaking the bank. Who wouldn’t wanna get a pizza in and binge on reality TV?

  1. Save up for a summer holiday

Pocket the cash you would have spent on that last round of drinks and save it for a rainy day or a trip away.

  1. Treat yo self

That pair of shoes you’ve walked past again and again but you thought you couldn’t justify buying? Treat. Yo. Self!

  1. Cinema nights

Spend some quality time with your friends – where you can actually hear each other speak! Why not head out for dinner together and catch a film afterwards.

  1. Trying something new

Wanna take up a new hobby? Do it. That new gym you said you’d join? Why not? Spend your cash on something new and exciting, instead of a substandard night out at the same club you always go to.

Worried you’re missing out on life because you’re taking drinking too far? Get information and advice over at our support section.

Will you ditch the club for something better this month?


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