Better Buys Than Booze: 7 Things you Wish you’d Spent your Money on

Ever woken up after a night out, checked your bank account and then instantly wished you hadn’t? Ever spent hours dwelling on what could have been – the clothes you could’ve bought, that gig you could’ve got tickets to? If only you hadn’t squandered the last of this month’s pay packet on overpriced lager and sickly shots. Sound familiar? Well get ready to dwell a little harder, here’s a look at 7 better things you could have bought…

Not-so-cheap pints or…

You could sink 8 pints or…book an off-peak flight to Barcelona and soak up some winter sun.


Mojit-oh no or…

You could fork out for 8 Mojitos in your local bar…or bag yourself an Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Alexa. “Alexa, play Oh Happy Day!”.


If you like Pina Coladas…you’ll like this even more

 You could buy a round of Pina Coladas for you and your mate…or treat yourself to a new pair of Old Skool Vans.


Bloody (expensive) Mary or…

You could splash your cash on 6 Bloody Marys whilst out on the sesh…or invest in a fitness watch to help you track your workouts.


G&Ts or…

You could order 5 double G&Ts when you’re out with the girls…or order that dress you’ve had your eye on for weeks.


I think a JagerBOMB just went off in my bank account

You could chin 6 Jagerbombs on a Freshers’ night out…or head out for meal to get know your new housemates properly.


Vodka and coke leaving me broke

You could buy 5 vodka and cokes at a beach bar…or get yourself some statement swimwear and turn heads for all the right reasons!


Will you spend smarter on your next night out?

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