7 Reasons To Cut Back On The Pre-Drinks

Pre-drinking is popular for many reasons, including saving money on buying alcohol and getting chance to socialise before hitting the clubs. But you don’t want to take it too far so that pre-drinks is the only part of the night you enjoy.

Have no regrets about your night out by keeping your friends and yourself safe by not overdoing it before you hit the town. Here are 7 reasons to cut back on the pre-drinks.

Last The Whole Night

If you have too many pres, the night out that you planned could be ruined if you don’t get accepted into the club. Nobody wants to be the friend that gets refused entry or gets into a fight. Slow down at the start of the night so that you make it to the end.

Save Your Liver and Your Bank

No one can deny the money saving aspect of pre-drinking. But why is it that when you check your bank the next day you’ve still spent a bomb? Once you’ve already had a few, you often end up buying more in the club. You could have a pact with your friends to not have more than 2 drinks during your entirety of your night out. Your liver and your bank will thank you!

Be The Positive Influence

The peer pressure from your friends isn’t worth the hangover the next day. When you’re pre-drinking, it’s easy to get bogged down with ‘keeping up with the crowd’ and being dragged into dares or drinking games. You might end up drinking more than you wanted and feeling like you should be on the same number as everyone else.

If you feel like it gets too much at pre-drinking, next time you could try arriving fashionably late or even just skipping it entirely and meeting your mates at the club. Your friend, who’s been feeling the same will thank you.

Avoid The Hangxiety From Bad Decisions

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s made one or two bad decisions on a night out after pre drinking. The less you pre drink, the less likely you are to end up to have regrets, especially when it normally ends up on someone’s story/tik tok/ IG post the next day. To avoid the hangxiety about what you might have done the night before, why not try a night as designated driver?

Keep Yourself and Friends Safe

When you’ve had too many pre-drinks you become a lot less aware of what’s going on around you. The less you drink the more you can relax on the night out. You’ll be more likely to keep yourself and your friends safe and keep your drink covered.

Reap The Health Benefits

We all know that drinking too much alcohol in general can be bad for you. If you’re looking to go on a diet, or make your skin clearer then alcohol is not your friend.

Drinking soft drinks, mocktails, and alcohol-free drinks is a great way to enjoy pres with your friends while keeping a clear mind and clear skin.

Mix It Up

Why not try something different at the next pre-drinks? It doesn’t have to be ring of fire and downing drinks the fastest. Next time you have a night out, you could host with a quiz, have a fashion show whilst choosing your night out outfits or make your own karaoke night.

There are endless possibilities to get with your friends and do something different and still have an amazing night.

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