21 Reasons To Cut Down Your Drinking In 2021

Maybe after 2020 you’re thinking of having a strong start to 2021 by doing Dry January? Here are some perks that could help seal the deal…

  1. Better sleep
    Get used to having a solid 8 hours kip every night and wake up feeling as fresh as the day you were born. The dream.
  2. Spot-free skin
    Bid farewell to spots, eczema and dryness and enjoy healthy, hydrated skin.
  3. Drop some lbs
    Clothes feeling tighter than you’d like? Cutting down on high calorie drinks like beer and wine can do wonders for your waistline (especially helpful after scoffing your face at Christmas).
  4. More energy
    No more wasted days festering in your bed. Choosing to cut down the bevs will help you kick off the new year with an energy boost.
  5. More focus
    You’ll also find your concentration improves so you can be even more productive than usual.
  6. Get fitter
    Physically, mentally, emotionally… (and just generally look and feel bangin’).
  7. More time to do better stuff
    Having a self-care day, going on a day trip, applying for that dream job. The time you waste necking shots in a shit club could be spent doing more for future you.
  8. More money to spend on the better stuff you decide to do…
    8 quid for a double G&T? You could get a train to Manchester for that.
  9. Make your first impression a good one
    Who wants to be known as ‘the one who chunned on the dancefloor’.
  10. No more horror stories
    Being sick on yourself, texting your ex, flashing someone you shouldn’t…whichever way you embarrass yourself when you’re smashed, you won’t miss the regret it brings the next day.
  11. Better sex
    Always a win…
  12. Pearly whites
    Cutting down on alcohol can do wonders for your teeth too.
  13. Keep your pals onside
    Avoid pissing your friends off with your drunken antics.
  14. Your liver lives to see another day
    Give the poor thing a break, it needs it!
  15. No more hangovers
    Do an N Sync and say bye, bye, bye to feeling like shit the day after a big night.
  16. We repeat, NO MORE HANGOVERS
    Enough said.
  17. A new lease of life
    The post-drinking blues will be a thing of the past.
  18. DMCs you actually remember
    All those heartfelt chats you have with your friends while drinking? Not taking it too far will mean you actually remember them.
  19. No grim one night stands
    No more answering ‘you up?’ texts and hating yourself afterwards.
  20. Make the most of being out of lockdown
    This year has been tough on us all but you can wake up fresh and ready to make the most of it, especially now a COVID vaccine is in sight.
  21. Be the best version of you
    All these will help you on your way to becoming the kickass version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be. And who wouldn’t want to start a new year like that?

Here’s to a better year in 2021
Will you be giving dry January a go?

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